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About Us and our Kapok Pillow adventure

In 2005 I was on the lookout for the perfect pillow for myself and my husband, I slept on my side and got a squished ear and my husband had a stiff neck. My mother suggested a kapok pillow because she loved her kapok pillow which was probably about fifty years old at that time. And she also remembered them from her childhood. She said it was malleable and supportive and she wouldn't sleep on anything else. I looked high and low but could not find a kapok pillow to buy new anywhere in Australia. ...

September 14, 2017

Buckwheat Hull sellers Kapok Pillow review. The truth not fiction.

For awhile now I have noticed a review by a buckwheat hull pillow seller claiming many misleading and quite frankly wrong things about kapok pillows. Personally I would imagine they had enough faith in their buckwheat hull pillows without stating untrue things about kapok pillows? There a few points I would like to address regarding this apparently "honest" review. ...

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