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Bamboo Kapok Pillow

Organic bamboo fabric filled with soft silky kapok fibre

Our bamboo pillow shells are gorgeous unbleached bamboo fabric. Our bamboo fabric is softer than cotton and slightly stretchy, and is less prone to staining than a cotton fabric. It is also known for it's anti bacterial qualities. The kapok pillow with a bamboo outer shell is soft and cuddly, yet still supportive and malleable.

Like kapok, bamboo is not only a renewable source but is the fastest growing crop on the planet. Bamboo is also grown without pesticides or the need for irrigation. 

The pillows are 70cm x 45cm to fit a standard Australia pillow case and they have a hidden zip for easy adjustment. 

Each pillow contains 700g of kapok which is easy to remove via zip if your pillow is too high.

Why our Bamboo Kapok Pillows are superior

Unlike cheap bamboo fabric which is manufactured using toxic chemicals such as carbon disulfide and sodium hydroxide, our bamboo fabric is created using a completely natural enzyme process. First the bamboo stalks are sliced, boiled and crushed into filaments. The filaments are added to the enzyme to make cellulosic fibre. Then carded and woven into fabric. 

Also the slightly stretchy nature of our bamboo fabric means a softer first nights sleep than with a cotton shell which can be too firm to some.

Certified Organic to GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 standards. It is superfine 320gsm fabric (gsm is equivalent to a much higher thread count and weighs almost twice as much as cotton). 

Bamboo fibre
Bamboo fibre

Bamboo growing
Bamboo growing


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