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"Hi Bridget,

Order Number: 237529 (Haymarket Sydney)

I have received my 2 pillows and am very happy with them, it's a good idea that you put a zip on the side.  Please keep doing your kapok pillow business because I am sure many people love your kapok pillows, they are cool and breathable.

Thanks and best regards,
Rosa Au" 

"Hi Bridget, I received my pillow promptly on Monday morning and I am In love with it from the moment I opened it out the nice reusable bag I hugged it and it brought back beautiful memories of my child hood kapok pillow so soft and cosy and the bamboo cover makes it extra soft. I haven’t added the extra kapok as yet as I am just loving it as it is. Thank you very very much. Kind regards Sandra"

Sandra Hutchby ~  NSW May 2020

"Hi Bridget

I received my pillow yesterday. I am very pleased and impressed. I did not have a sore neck this morning and no sweaty hot pillow. Love it. I even slept better.

Thank you.

Helen Cignoli ~ Queensland 2020

"Best pillow I have ever had. Really helps that it's the first pillow that doesn't make my head sweat. I suffer cranial facial hyperhydrosis (excessive head and face sweeting)"

Kathryn Dance ~ Brighton, Tasmania 2019

Hi Bridget,

"Just thought I'd let you know that I LOVE my kapok pillow. It's lovely and supportive while still sinky.  Input from our toddler notwithstanding, I've actually managed to sleep through the night since using the pillow. Yay!" 

Cheers, Nicole

Nicole Chapple ~  Macclesfield, VIC 2019

"I bought my first Kapok pillows in May 2017. I'm very particular when it comes to my pillows. I felt nervous buying them online. But, what got me over the line to buy online, was the ability to add or remove filling to get to the right density. The pillows were fantastic. I love them. I love them so much that two years later, I've purchased two more. I love that I was also able to buy a little more kapok to add to my older pillows as they've gone a little flatter over time. Now I sleep with four beautiful kapok pillows. I highly recommend these pillows!"

Lisa Sands ~ Fairfeild, Victoria 2019

Hi Bridget,

Mums Pillow arrived 2 days after you posted it on the Wednesday morning. Mums neck is so much better and she loves the pillow.

Thank you x

Jeannie Gray,  Uduc WA 2019

Dear Bridget,

I received my pillow yesterday and had the best night sleep for years.

Thank you very much…..

Lee Nelson, Graceville Queensland 2018

Hello, I purchased the 700 gram Cotton Kapok Pillow over a month ago, I recently topped it up with another 200 grams of fibre A grade - the pillow is now perfect for me and I would like to review it. I have has 2 brain surgeries for Aneurysms and have 2 scars from ear to ear meeting in the middle of my forehead, so I have a lot of knowledge and experience in buying pillows as I've needed comfort when my scars were healing. I have bought foam, natural latex and finally plain Polyester - none of them have been particularly comfortable and required readjusting on and off over time. This pillow needs no adjusting, I go to sleep on it and don't even have to think about a pillow all night, this is why I think the Kapok pillow deserves an excellent review from me as it is such a good product. I can't even comment on such things as it's too high, too low, too hard or too soft - it just is and that's perfect for me. 

Nicole Artale, Sutherland NSW 2018

Hi Bridget, pillow is great from 1st night. Thank you, regards Rosemary 

Rosemary Farnan (Physio), Stirling SA 2017

Hi Bridget, I just wanted to share with you my testimonial for my new Kapok pillow, firstly it arrived so quickly which was much appreciated! Secondly, I am just so happy to have finally found a pillow that I absolutely love.. Straight away it is easily the most comfortable pillow I've ever slept on, but also as I've suffered with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for so many years and struggled to find a suitable pillow, for one reason or another other organic and natural pillows just weren't right in comfort or support etc, so to have finally found something comfortable and non-toxic truly is a God-send! I can't thank you enough. Keep up the great work. Very happy customer. Kindly, Sharon 

Sharon Taylor, Glenelg SA 2017

Thank you so much Bridget for my wonderful new pillow. I have bought countless pillows over the years - latex, memory foam, feather and down, you name it, I have tried it. Everything has either been been too hard or not supported my neck (which I have problems with). I thought I would give kapok a go and I am so glad I did. It is so soft and comfortable but it also supports my neck at the same time. So very, very happy with it. My holy grail of pillows! Your service was wonderful as well. Thanks again.

Jill Gerlach, Blackburn South 2016

Thank you for the pillow, Bridget. Betty, my mum, is very happy with it. Thank you for all the trouble you have gone to. Also Mum has found kapok, an old fashioned product from her childhood which she hadn't come across 'till now was wonderful. Genuinely warms my heart to see someone supporting our Indonesian neighbours - good on you for preserving a traditional product. 

Ashley Mckenzie, Melbourne Victoria 2016

Hi Bridget,

Picked up my pillow yesterday afternoon, I was impressed at the quality straight away.
After sleeping on it last night I am a little lost for words to describe just how wonderful these pillows are, I had the best nights sleep I have had in a very long time, no matter which way I turned the pillow was comfortable and did not need adjusting.......wow........I can only say if you dont have one of these you are missing out on the best nights sleep that a natural and comfortable pillow can provide.
I bought two bamboo pillow protectors with the intention of needing another pillow as well as my Kapok one, but I dont, so now I have a spare pillow protector that can be changed regularly!
Thank you for making these available,
One Very Happy Customer.

Marlin Joy, Goulburn NSW, 2016

When I was looking for kapok pillows, Bridget was very helpful in making my choice. I bought the bamboo shell, because I get sore points on the back of my head, and the bamboo is softer than the organic cotton. Bridget also suggested buying more fill than I thought I'd need, so I got the medium, but the kapok quickly packs down, so the highest fill pillow would've been best. So I contacted Bridget again, and simply bought some extra kapok, so I can adjust the fill to suit my needs. It is now the perfect pillow - so comfortable and cuddly soft. I absolutely love it.

Cindy Nielsen, 2016

I can highly recommend the service provided by Bridget and the Kapok Shop. I was more than delighted and surprised at how fast and efficient the service was… within days of placing the order, the pillow was at my door and ready for what was subsequently the best sleep I had experienced for many months.
I have been so happy with the product that I ordered another one for my sister's birthday and intend to order many more for the rest of my family members as Christmas presents. What better way to celebrate than with the gift of a comfortable night's sleep!! my recommendation buy one now in fact buy two and be doubly happy zzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

Lee-Ani Hewson, Oak Flats NSW, 2015

Thanks Bridget.
Slept really well on pillow and didn't wake up with stiff and sore neck which was lovely.

Violet Baumann, Flagstaff Hill SA, 2015

Hi Bridget, my beautiful pillow arrived and I love it. It's everything you promised. Thanks for the wonderful product and the good service.
Warm regards,

Kevagne Kalisch, Colorado USA, 2015

Slept really well on pillow and didn't wake up with stiff and sore neck which was lovely. 

Violet ~ Flagstaff Hill SA, 2014

Completely gorgeous pillows you're making. Every night, I can hardly believe kapok could be so comfortable, better even than my old feather pillow. Certainly it's the best pillow I've slept on since I was a toddler. There's something special about kapok as a fibre, it's soft and firm at the same time and has a lovely supportive and resilient feeling to it. I'll be getting more. Thanks for bringing it back.

Simon Vetch, 2012

Received the pillow today - thank you for your extremely prompt service!!! I'm thrilled with the pillow and very impressed with your service. Thanks again.

Noela Brosnan, Buderim Queensland, 2010

Hey there Bridget I recently purchased four new Kapok pillows from you after searching for many many years. I have owned kapok pillows since I was a small child and my current ones were very used. I snuggle up to them every night and they relax and provide the softest space to rest my weary head. These are just the most amazing pillows and I highly recommend them to others if they want a natural soft place to rest your head. My children love them also and I will purchase more in the near future for them as I am very selfish and do not share my new ones. Happy smiles Jessica:)

Jessical Lee, Shailer Park Queensland, 2010

"At last, I have a comfortable pillow after trying at least 10 others.... Many Thanks". 

Liz ~ Coogee, New South Wales, 2010

Dear Bridget,
I must write this. It is my duty. For Twenty years plus I have not had a comfortable night's sleep.
Because Kapok disappeared. Which I had used all my life, I am now 75. For the technological garbage of nylon. Which pushed my head back as if loaded with springs.
I had to do special neck exercises. But they alleviate the pain which should not have been there in the first place. If only I had been able to buy Kapok.
So please understand why I am so grateful to see your website. I am sure you will do well but I will wish it to you anyway.
Kind regards.

A.H. van Herp, Gorokan NSW, 2009

"Hey Bridget, my pillow arrived early this morning so was able to take it back to bed for a few hours and OH MY GOD, it works. Thank you so much...., you are a god :)" 

Brian ~ Braybrook, Victoria, 2009

"Thanks for the quick delivery of the kapok - and thank you for providing such a fantastic product! I can't believe how soft and fluffy it is - I can't believe that anyone would use hobby fill if they knew about kapok!
Many thanks, and I look forward to ordering from you again". 

Freya Tasci, Kariong, NSW, 2009

The pillow is great and gives excellent neck support which is such a relief given that I've been through numerous pillows, none of which have been suitable. Since I started using the pillow, I do believe my quality of sleep has improved significantly. 

It's also nice to know that my new pillow is made of natural fibre that is environmentally friendly and helps to sustain jobs.
I'll be recommending the Kapok pillow to friends whenever the opportunity arises"! 

Maree Lawrence, Melbourne, 2008

From the first night I did not have neck pain, and I have not had it since. The pillow moulds perfectly to my head, and neck. It is great waking pain free. I am sleeping better, not tossing and turning like I was, and I wish I had purchased one years ago, I have probably had nine different pillows, in the last four years, and none of them were suitable, they all flattened or went lumpy. I have always been a tummy sleeper, and this pillow is ideal. 

Daphne Morgan, Para Hills SA, 2008

Kapok pillows, malleable and supportive
Kapok pillows, malleable and supportive


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