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❤️ Postage $20 for 1st pillow and $5 for each consecutive pillow* ❤️

Cotton Kapok Pillow

Organic cotton fabric filled with silky soft kapok fibre

Our organic cotton pillow shells are gorgeous unbleached cotton twill. Cotton twill is thicker and softer than standard cotton weaves which means your kapok pillows is more durable and comfortable. The kapok pillow with the twill cotton outer shell is firmer than with bamboo, yet still comfortable and malleable.

The pillows are 70cm x 45cm to fit a standard Australia pillow case and they have a hidden zip for easy adjustment. 

Choose from low, medium and high fill (500g, 600g or 700g) and buy extra 100g bags of kapok if you like as kapok does settle a bit and you will want to add more kapok later. 

Kapok tree
Kapok tree


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