Buckwheat Hull sellers Kapok Pillow review. The truth not fiction.

For awhile now I have noticed a review by a buckwheat hull pillow seller claiming many misleading and quite frankly wrong things about kapok pillows. Personally I would imagine they had enough faith in their buckwheat hull pillows without stating untrue things about kapok pillows?

There a few points I would like to address regarding this apparently "honest" review.

Dust mite levels in Kapok Pillows compared to Buckwheat Hull Pillows

Kapok is actually known for repelling dust mites.

"The floss itself, once it is ripe, is entirely immune to pests of any kind. It may be gathered, worked, transported, stored and used in complete safety from vermin and rodents, it's chemical composition being such that it is completely proof against the ravages of all pests" ~ source, Kapok A Survey Of It's History Cultivation And Uses - Stephan J Zand 1941.

The scientific paper below states that Buckwheat hull pillows on the other hand not only contain dust mites, but high levels of Endotoxins even when new!

Endotoxin and House Dust Mite Allergen Levels on Synthetic and Buckwheat Pillows

The legendary comfort of Kapok Pillows and why people are returning to them.

Kapok Pillows are not only eco friendly and healthy, they are so comfortable that I can't sleep on anything else and travel with it everywhere. The kapok floss in our pillows is soft, silky and clean.

"Completely gorgeous pillows you're making. Every night, I can hardly believe kapok could be so comfortable, better even than my old feather pillow. Certainly it's the best pillow I've slept on since I was a toddler. There's something special about kapok as a fibre, it's soft and firm at the same time and has a lovely supportive and resilient feeling to it. I'll be getting more. Thanks for bringing it back".
~ Simon Vetch

I have tried sleeping on a Buckwheat Hull Pillow when I was thinking of selling those as well, however I found them hard, and noisy when I moved in the night. Each to their own however and I have met people who like them.

Kapok Pillows are not dangerously flammable.

Some very inflammatory things were said about kapok pillows (excuse the pun). To test this I actually burned a kapok pillow, and what I found was very interesting. The quickest part to burn was the cotton shell which would be the same for most pillows (and the buckwheat hull pillow), however the outer most kapok only singed very slowly and what was left was singed pillow shaped kapok that smouldered really slowly and I think would take weeks to actually burn up totally.

Not the dangerous flammable like the negative review suggests.

I am also going to test burn Buckwheat Hull Pillows and all sorts of other pillows to see how they compare.


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