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Organic Kapok Pillows

Bamboo or Cotton fabric filled with soft silky Kapok Fibre, zippered & adjustable

  • Superior comfort and neck support
  • Fully adjustable via zip
  • Naturally mould and dust mite resistant
  • Non toxic and no odour
  • No synthetic outgassing
  • Certified organic
  • Sustainable and eco friendly
  • Long lasting and cost effective
  • Superior quality
  • Provides jobs for Indonesian farmers and benefits the community
  • Choice of Bamboo or Cotton outer shell

Which kapok pillow should I choose?

You can choose between bamboo or cotton outer shells for your kapok pillow, and people often ask me "How can I chose a pillow without feeling it first?". There are two answers. First they are adjustable so the hight of the pillow is not important, you can make your pillow just the right hight for you. Secondly if you like a soft pillow choose bamboo, if you like a firm pillow choose cotton (although having said that you can make a bamboo kapok pillow firm if you add enough kapok).

Bamboo fabric is thicker and heavier than standard cotton, yet soft, silky and known for it's ability to wick away heat and anti bacterial qualities. Because the bamboo fabric is slightly stretchy, a kapok pillow with a bamboo outer shell means that your kapok pillow is soft and comfortable from the first nights sleep, yet still supportive and malleable. Cool in summer and warm in winter.

The kapok pillow with the cotton outer shell is firmer than with bamboo, yet still comfortable and malleable. Our cotton pillow shells are gorgeous unbleached twill. Cotton twill is thicker and softer than standard cotton weaves which means your kapok pillows is more durable and comfortable.

So if you like a softer pillow choose bamboo, if you like a firmer pillow choose cotton.

Both pillows are adjustable via the hidden zip.

Eco Credentials and Superior Comfort

Both the bamboo and cotton pillow shells are certified organic by GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100. The kapok is naturally organic and not treated with any chemicals at any stage.

The pillow shells are fully adjustable with a 22cm hidden zip on the short end of the pillow, so it doesn't impede your sleeping comfort.

Kapok pillows are cost effective because the kapok repels dust mites and mildew, remaining clean and pure for decades. You can purchase new pillow shells and kapok to top up from time to time.

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About Us and our Kapok Pillow adventure

September 14, 2017
Bringing Kapok Pillows to Australia…again
In 2005 I was on the lookout for the perfect pillow for myself and my husband, I slept on my side and got a squished ear and my husband had a stiff neck. My mother suggested a kapok pillow because she loved her kapok pillow which was probably about fifty years old at that time. And she also remember...
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