Kapok Pillow Care Instructions

With a little love and care your kapok pillow will last for many years

It is important to fluff your kapok pillow daily by hand. Just pat it around before you go to bed.

To fluff and cleanse simply place in the sun for a few hours, or in winter tumble in a warm dryer. We use non toxic wool dryer balls to give your pillow an extra good pummel.

The kapok in your pillow is fluffed before it is put into your pillow and will settle a little over time. Just add some more kapok via the zip as needed.
After some time your pillow shell may become stained. All you need to do is purchase a new pillow shell and change the kapok over and your pillow is as good as, or better than new. Your kapok can last for decades and still be clean and pure.

Should I wash my kapok pillow?

Kapok Pillows don't have to be washed because of they are resistant to dust mites and moisture, however you can wash the outer shell.

First remove the kapok and keep aside, then wash the pillow shell with the zip closed so any remaining kapok doesn't escape during the washing process. Dry on the line, then put your hand inside and take out any bits of kapok that may be left behind, then re fill your pillow with the saved kapok, adding a bit more if needed. The shell may shrink a little bit. 

It is not necessary, but If you feel you have to wash your pillow with the kapok in it, you need to spin dry it really fast, and then tumble dry it extremely well, and even better add some non toxic wool dryer balls to give it a really good pummel. Make sure the kapok is completely dry (it could take awhile). 

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Do I need a pillow protector?

We are often asked if a pillow protector is needed on our kapok pillows. Our answer is no. The quality of our fabric pillow shells (the casing that the kapok is put into) is so superior and tightly woven (you can't see any light when you look through one layer) making a pillow protector not only unnecessary but would have a negative affect on the comfort of your pillow. Because the kapok is malleable and you can pat it into any shape you like, and extra layer of fabric between the pillow, the pillow case and you, means that the pillow is harder and not as malleable. The malleability and softenss of a kapok pillow is why they are so comfortable.
How kapok pillows improve and care instructions

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