About Us and our Kapok Pillow adventure

Bringing Kapok Pillows to Australia…again

In 2005 I was on the lookout for the perfect pillow for myself and my husband, I slept on my side and got a squished ear and my husband had a stiff neck. My mother suggested a kapok pillow because she loved her kapok pillow which was probably about fifty years old at that time. And she also remembered them from her childhood. She said it was malleable and supportive and she wouldn't sleep on anything else. I looked high and low but could not find a kapok pillow to buy new anywhere in Australia. So it got me thinking and I decided to make kapok pillows my new business. The more I read about kapok and slept on my pillow the more I fall in love with it. The fact that it is not only healthy and light on the planet, but also comfortable when stuffed into a pillow shell, well what's not to love.

Developments to our Kapok Pillows

In 2008 I came up with the idea to put zips in the pillow shells. It just made sense because it was easier than sewing up a pillow stuffed with kapok, and also more convenient for customers to adjust their pillows. 

And in 2015 I discovered Bamboo fabric as a pillow shell (also with a zip of course) and I was blown away with how comfortable a brand new kapok pillow was with a bamboo outer. Some people like the firmness of a new cotton kapok pillow (they get more malleable over time) but I loved how the soft silky bamboo fabric meant that my kapok pillow was soft and comfortable from the first nights sleep. 

In 2016 I introduced new certified organic, unbleached cotton twill fabric shells to the shop. A beautiful heavy weight fabric that is still soft and malleable when filled with kapok.

In 2017 we added unbleached bamboo fabric to our kapok pillows

Commitment to the best quality Kapok Pillows

Bringing you the best quality kapok pillows is extremely important to me. The kapok is the best you can get from Java Indonesia and both the bamboo and cotton pillow shells are certified organic by GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100. Both fabrics are thick without being stiff. If you look through a single layer of fabric you can't see any light. 

I also made sure that the bamboo fabric was manufactured using the non toxic and natural digestive enzyme process. The pillow shells are more expensive but I think it is worth it. 


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