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Questions and Answers

Q: Should I get cotton or bamboo?

A: If you like a firm pillow get cotton because the fabric is a close weave cotton twill. If you like a soft pillow get bamboo because the bamboo fabric is soft and silky and a little stretchy so you sink into it a little more. Bamboo is for those who find a traditional cotton kapok pillow too firm at first.

Q: Which hight/fill of pillow should I get?

A: It doesn't really matter because the pillows are zippered on one end so are fully adjustable. Also you can always buy extra kapok at a later date if you need to top of your pillow because they do compress a little over time. 

Q: Can I wash my kapok pillow?

A: I advise not to wash your kapok pillow. Air in the sun regularly to cleanse and fluff and it really helps to place your pillow in a dryer with tennis balls from time to time as well because the warmth fluffs and tennis balls pummel the pillow.

If you must wash your pillow please spin dry as fast as possible and then tumble dry until the kapok is completely dry, this could take awhile because kapok repels moisture, however once it gets wet it is really hard to dry. Keep in mind that the bamboo fabric will shrink in the wash.

Q: Is the kapok fumigated?

A: No, the kapok is not fumigated at any stage or pesticides used while growing. 


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