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Why your kapok pillow lasts a life time

As we have all heard, pillows can be home to some very unpleasant bacteria and it is recommended you throw them out after six months. You don't have to worry about this with a kapok pillow though. Because kapok floss repels moisture, meaning sweat or humid air doesn't affect it in any way (water just beads off kapok when poured or even left on kapok for a period of time). Also dust mites or other nasties don't like it and stay away.

A few years ago I was talking to a Danish manufacturer of kapok products and he told me that he had tested the kapok from a seventy year old mattress in a laboratory, and no bacteria was found. And My Mum often tells the story of how she found some kapok pillows at the tip. Having slept on kapok pillows as a child, she squished them around and feeling that they were kapok, took them home. She left them in the sun for weeks as a precautionary cleanse, made new pillow shells and transferred the kapok over. She has now had these pillows for forty years.

You see after this long the kapok changes quite dramatically. It becomes sort of like powder, and because of that more malleable. My Mum is obsessed by her pillows, she has one at my house for when she stays over and one for travel, so she doesn't ever have to be without one. And on my kapok journey I have met other people with these old pillows who rave about them. I personally prefer newer kapok pillows, finding the really old ones too firm. I would hazard a guess that my Mum's pillows are over a 100 years old because it would take a loooong time for the kapok to change like this.

Kapok does evolve which is the beauty of it. You've all heard it mentioned how kapok compacts over time. Well what happens is that it slowly turns into little balls. Don't despair, this makes your kapok pillow even more comfortable, because it is malleable, yet still soft and supportive. Most pillows only go up and down, however kapok pillows go up down and sideways, so you can dig a hole to stop your ear getting squished if you sleep on your side (I used to suffer from this) or make a ridge to support your neck if you sleep on your back. Tummy sleepers have also reported finding their kapok pillow really comfortable. So they suit most people and their sleeping positions. And of course because I came up with the idea of the zip, you can always add more kapok to your pillow at any time so it is just right.


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